Thursday, April 2, 2009

Get Over Yourself

So apparently some guy got mad I used his photo of Jozy Altidore without permission so, instead of maybe emailing me to ask that it be removed or saying hey do you mind crediting me for that photo, he changed the link code to a picture of some South Park character, saying "Hotlinking is bad mmmkay."

My bad. Sorry all of the 15 people who read this blog didn't realize that you had toiled for hours over that Jozy Altidore wallpaper. I solemnly apologize for all the damage I have caused you and your loved ones.


But as for me, I'm trying to get my art history paper on the Haussmannian renovations of Paris done in the next hour or so. I've spent two gorgeous Spring days working on it and for that I am bitter and thinking about the reading and writing I could have done in the Jardin du Luxembourg or the afternoon drinks I've missed on the Place du Bourg Tibourg sitting and people watching drenched in sun.


Oliver Wolfe said...

I woulda done the same thing :)

It's his property, you gotta ask permission to use it. At lest don't hotlink it.


ADH said...

1) I'd never heard of the phrase hotlink until it came up in that stupid South Park picture.

2) If you don't want people to look at your wallpaper, why would you post it on a website called I'd assume he posted it there so people can, ya know, see it and admire it and share it. Am I missing something here?

Oliver Wolfe said...

Nah, you just need to credit the source is all. If you do that, he has no reason to complain.