Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Wear a Beret

My friend George recently emailed me asking if I was "drinking wine and eating unpasteurized cheese?" I've posted my response.

I wear a beret. I hate all things American. When I speak in English, I go out of my way to pronounce French words in an exaggerated French accent.

Just kidding. I do drink wine and I'm not sure if the cheese my host family gives me is unpasteurized (it hasn't killed me yet), but otherwise I'm still an American. Consciously, I make an effort to assimilate in my appearance and accent, but I know I'll never be a Frenchman nor do I want to be one though I do appreciate and enjoy all French culture (especially the women and the wine).

Last night, I went to a party with my host brother and for the first time felt like I got to really interact with the youth of France. It was tough, but the rum and wine washed away reticence and I made a few friends. I'm working on a little homework now and listening to Bob Dylan so you can put the American boy in France, but you can't take the Americana out of him even if you ply him with baguettes and souffles and bottles of blood red Bordeaux.

Photo: View from my window on a snowy day

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