Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stade Français Paris

Went to the Stade de France yesterday to see Stade Français Paris take on Union Sportive des Arlequins Perpignanais (Perpignan -- small city in French Catalonia). The match featured two of the worlds best players in Juan Hernandez for Paris and Dan Carter, All Black and reigning World Player of the Year, for Perpignan. Game itself ended in a draw, 13-13, thanks to a last second penalty converted by Dan Carter. But what really grabbed my attention was the BIZARRE pregame festivities. This spectacle included, but is not limited to the following:
  1. Weightlifters flipping over cars
  2. A band that sounded (and looked) like a French mix of Sting and Genesis
  3. A giant float carrying multiple gladiators and scantily clad women
  4. A pink limosine
  5. Two floating giant octupus like creatures
  6. A man doing trapeze work from a floating globe
  7. Nipple clamps
  8. A story line that ended with the defeat of one gladiator and the man who was once doing trapeze work descending from the sky to claim the fairest of the nipple clamped maidens.
Upon further inquiry, I learned that this is in fact normal for the Stade de France and that before every game they put on some form of spectacle. With the Super Bowl today, I just have to hope that the NFL steps up their game. I love the Boss, but I'm not sure if he can top this.

Upon searching Youtube, I found two pertinent clips. The first shows a rehearsal of the spectacle/play/opera. The second features men flipping over cars.

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Paddy said...

Ah but the French do love their circus, don't they.