Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bordeaux Rosé, Take Us Away

First of all, congratulations to Caitlin, for winning the first ever Sacrebleu! trivia contest. Her knowledge of The National's musical catalog surely merits a fine bottle of Bordeaux (which I now know is actually not very helpful when purchasing wine since Bordeaux itself is divided into upwards of 50 AOCs -- Appellations d'Origine Controlée). I will bring another one of these contests along soon and I assure you it will be much more difficult. Caitlin, your prize awaits.

I had a great weekend in Bordeaux. Sun, wine, cheese, saucisson, baguettes, markets, churches, blue rivers, cheap hotels, and new French friends. Only 3 hours on the TGV so a good bet for those looking for a weekend out of Paris.

For those without cars, the tourism office runs guided tours into wine country, visiting two Chateaus each with a degustation des vins following a presentation of the vineyard's history and production methods. Preferably, one would have a car and could drive into Medoc and Saint Emilion and study the differences between the different styles of Bordeaux wines, but for travelers on a budget this guided tour was not a bad deal.

So, this is all true. Go to Bordeaux if you need some wine and sun.

Bordeaux rosé, take us away:

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