Friday, March 20, 2009

Smells like Teen...Eau de Toilette?

So last night I went to my first Parisian club -- Mix. Free on Thursday nights for international students, my friends convinced me to go. The place crawled with the usual crowd of American social girls, popped-collared Brits and Italian and Spanish guys with enough hair gel to hold down a lawn chair in a hurricane.

I held out okay (it is actually somewhat enjoyable to silently mock the people who take that place seriously). That was until the DJ played "Smells like Teen Spirit" and I imagined Kurt Cobain rolling over one more time in his grave as everything he, Nirvana, and grunge itself stood for (a reaction against the decadence of the 80s) got turned around and spit back out of French club speakers so the jet set crowd could feel liberated in their struggle against...being cut off from Daddy's credit card (?). Didn't work for me.

But it was a good "cultural" experience and fun to be with friends. I should get a post about Lille up soon, but in the meantime, here are a few good links.
  • Check out the band Cymbals Eat Guitars listed in the "Music" section. Have a great sound, almost like early Modest Mouse.
  • David Brooks's column today.
  • Seattle Sounders FC beat the New York Red Bulls 3-0 last night in their inaugural match. As much as I love seeing the Red Bulls get beat, I am so down with the way Seattle is doing everything. Great website, players, and organization. It's so nice to see a city give a damn about the sport after watching DC's indifference over the last few years. Match highlights below. Fredy Montero's going to be good.
  • Speaking of soccer, D.C. United has a new website. Well done.

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